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Our Plan for Queensland

Since 2012 Labor and the LNP have taken over $100 million in corporate donations. So it’s no surprise both parties make decisions that favour their corporate donors. The Greens refuse corporate donations and want to make mining corporations, big banks and property developers pay their fair share in state-based taxes to fund critical public infrastructure and essential services that benefit all Queenslanders.

We brought a fully-costed, four year plan to the 2020 State Election to invest in publicly owned essential services, fully fund public health and education, and create tens of thousands of secure jobs across Queensland. After my re-election as the MP for Maiwar, I'll continue fighting for this vision. 


Since Labor privatised electricity retail in 2006, prices have nearly doubled. Meanwhile, Labor is allowing private corporations to build virtually all the new power generation in Queensland. Queenslanders need jobs and they...
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Queensland Issues

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