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As the first Greens MP elected to Queensland Parliament, I represent people over profit. Alongside my colleague Amy MacMahon, the Greens are the only party fighting for a just transition to 100% clean energy with no new coal or gas (including Adani). We are the only party fighting to kick corporate money out of politics. 

The only way the Greens beat the major parties' massive, corporate-funded budgets is with massive, people-powered campaigns. That's how I won in 2017, how I was re-elected in 2020, and how we doubled our representation in Parliament and will continue to grow.

This election is critical. The climate, housing and cost-of-living crises are worsening, and the major parties are in lock-step on making it all worse. The Greens are the only party ready to take on the big corporations who have Labor and the LNP in their pockets.

We rely on volunteers having one-on-one conversations, delivering letters, hosting yard signs, handing out on election day, and so much more.

Sign up here to get involved with the Greens movement, and one of our organisers will be in touch to chat to you about how we can make a difference, together. If you'd like to volunteer in the Maiwar electorate office, email us at [email protected] or call 3737 4100. 

Will you volunteer?