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Greens Budget Response 2019

On Friday 14 June 2019, Michael Berkman delivered the Greens' response to the 2019 Budget.

Question about experts' advice on Adani's groundwater management plan

On Tuesday 11 June in Question Time, Michael asked the Qld Environment Minister whether she'd guarantee recent advice from 7 of the country's top groundwater experts, calling Adani’s groundwater plans “severely flawed”, would be properly considered and reflected in her department's decision. The Minister couldn't provide a real answer to that question.

Adani CEO Lucas Dow's misleading jobs testimony

On Tuesday 11 June 2019, Michael Berkman asked that the Speaker refer Adani CEO Lucas Dow to the Ethics Committee for misleading Parliament about jobs at the Adani mine. 

New school for the inner west
Stop pokies at the Pig n Whistle

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