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Petition: Legalise Cannabis in Qld

For over half a century, governments have wasted resources on a harmful, futile war on drugs. 

Prohibition has failed to stop people using cannabis, and landed thousands of innocent people in prison or stuck with a criminal record. It means we can’t regulate cannabis products for safety, or tax them to fund public services. 

Support for legalisation is growing, but the major parties remain stuck in a “tough on drugs” mentality. 

It’s time to try something new. 

The Greens are calling on Governments across the country to legalise and regulate cannabis

In Federal Parliament, Greens MP David Shoebridge has proposed a plan that would legalise and regulate cannabis for adult use at a Commonwealth level, but there’s nothing stopping Queensland from taking action now. 

Sign our petition here to make Queensland the first state to fully legalise cannabis and provide amnesty for past cannabis-related offences.

Please note this petition is being conducted in conjunction with the Greens’ campaign for legal cannabis. Your details will be shared with the Greens. You can opt out of communications from the Greens or Michael’s office at any time. 

500 Signatures

376 Signatures

Will you sign?

PETITION to the Attorney-General and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland:

The prohibition of cannabis is an expensive failure which has done nothing to stop or even reduce use. Cannabis accounts for the greatest proportion of illicit drug arrests across Australia, yet 38% of us have tried or used it socially. 

Therefore your petitioners request the Queensland Parliament: 

  • Legalise cannabis for recreational and medicinal use by adults;
  • Reform our drug driving laws so that people are only charged for driving while under the influence of any drug, rather than the mere presence of THC in their system; 
  • Allow adults to grow up to 6 cannabis plants at home; and
  • Wipe previous convictions for cannabis possession and release those in prison for cannabis use as their most serious offence.

We also urge you to support the creation of a national, legal cannabis market as proposed by the Australian Greens.

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