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About Michael

I’m Michael - I’m a dad, scientist, community lawyer, and the Greens MP for Maiwar. I moved from Toowoomba to the inner-west for university, and I now live in Toowong with my wife and three kids. 

Before entering politics I was a public interest environmental lawyer working in a community legal centre, representing communities in court cases against companies like Adani. My work there led me to realise that we desperately need a different kind of representation in the Queensland Parliament. 

Since being elected, I’ve seen even more starkly the impacts of profit-driven development and a broken political system. While dangerous climate change is speeding up, inequality is getting worse. While costs of living rise, both major parties take big donations from the same corporations ripping ordinary Queenslanders off. 

As the local MP, I’m trying to do things differently. Rather than flashy photo opportunities, I try to focus on meaningful change. I’m really committed to helping locals exercise influence over decisions that affect their lives, and pushing for positive improvements to our local area and state.

I want to see a system that works for everyone. That’s why I’m fighting to clean up politics and put the power back in the hands of everyday people.

michael portrait