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School buses to Indro State High

Right now, there are no direct buses for Indooroopilly State High School (ISHS) students who live in Taringa, Bardon, or Toowong. If students want to catch the bus, they’re forced to catch one of the infrequent buses that travel to Indooroopilly shopping centre, a 15-20 minute walk away from ISHS.

This makes things very difficult for ISHS parents. Without proper bus services, parents have to drive students twice a day. All this does is create more traffic during busy pickup and dropoff times. As the population of ISHS continues to grow, we need to be doing whatever we can to get kids out of cars and onto public transport.

Translink reviews school bus routes twice per year. If enough residents make their voices heard, we have a real opportunity to gain a much needed school bus connection to ISHS.

I have sent a letter to the Transport Minister and the Lord Mayor urging them to include a new bus route connecting Bardon/Toowong/Taringa with ISHS. I’ve also suggested that increasing the frequency of the Great Circle line and/or extending it to Lambert Rd during pickup and dropoff times would also make a big difference for local families.

This is one of the biggest public transport gaps on the westside. Over the last few years I’ve been campaigning for better buses in Bardon and Toowong. Find out more here.


Use this page to contact the Transport Minister and Lord Mayor directly and show your support for more buses to ISHS.