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New school for the west side

After years of campaigning, in July 2020 we finally received a commitment from the State government for a new school in the inner west. 

Why we need a new school

Since before I was elected, I've been hearing from locals that we desperately need a new school to properly address overcrowding. The west side is growing rapidly, and we need long-term planning and infrastructure to keep up with development and densification.

Our schools have been so severely overcrowded that classrooms are full, pool and library time is limited, before and after school care services have long wait lists and demountable classrooms are being erected on school ovals, encroaching on students’ play area. 

So as the local MP, I’ve been meeting with local P&Cs, collecting petition signatures, raising this in Parliament, and working with the Education Minister to secure a new school. I'm so excited that they've listened to the community and will invest in this crucial infrastructure for the west side. 

What we know so far

  • The school will be constructed in time for students' first day back in 2023. 
  • The site hasn't been decided yet, and the Premier has said it will be “around the Indooroopilly-Chapel Hill-St Lucia area”.
  • The government says it'll be a primary school - but I'll be pushing for P-12 to account for long term growth. 

The site

Over the past couple of years my office and I have been looking into possible locations for a new school, and have a few sites in mind. Subject to community feedback, I think the most logical choice is for the school to be built in Taringa, because it's a growing suburb, relatively accessible via public transport, and still doesn't have a school (after the old Taringa State School was closed in 1996).

A new P-12 school in Taringa would help take pressure off Toowong, Ironside and Indooroopilly schools which have all struggled with overcrowding. 

What’s next

The State government has promised to hold thorough community consultation on plans for the new school, including the site. 

One of my priorities now is ensuring residents get a real say, so I’m asking for more details about the government’s consultation process and how residents can get involved. 

There's still work to do, but I want to thank residents for working so hard to secure this win. Whether you came to a community forum, contacted my office, shared your story, signed the petition or helped keep the pressure up on social media, you’ve helped demonstrate just how urgently we need a new school here on the west side, and it’s paid off.

Sign up here to receive updates on the community consultation and planning for the new school. If you have specific thoughts about a location, or other ideas or concerns, please contact my office directly via or 3737 4100.

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