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“Talkfest”: Qld Greens respond to supermarkets/cost of living inquiry

The Queensland Greens say Labor and the LNP’s supermarket inquiry demands are just a “talkfest” unless they consider limiting corporate profits for essential needs, including supermarkets, insurers, electricity and fuel retailers.

Greens MP Michael Berkman: 

“Yes, the cost of food, rent, energy, transport and education has all gone up under Labor, but no one seriously believes the LNP would be any better. 

“Labor and the LNP are the Coles and Woolies of politics - they both offer voters the same bad deals. 

“The Greens have no issue with an expanded inquiry, but it’s pretty obvious a talkfest won’t solve anything unless the major parties are willing to actually crack down on corporate profiteering.

“Only the Greens are willing to cut Coles and Woolies’ profits, because we’re the only ones who don’t rely on big corporations for political donations. 

“The State government has a full range of powers to crack down on corporate profiteering, so every option should be on the table.”

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