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Greens say Labor should cancel Star’s Queens Wharf casino license

The Greens have responded to the Gotterson report finding that Star is unfit to hold a casino licence in Queensland by calling on the Government to cancel its Queens Wharf Casino licence, release its agreements with Star and end political donations from gambling companies.

Michael Berkman:

“This dodgy mega-casino never should have been approved. Queensland Labor should cancel Star’s licence now, before more damage is done. 

“They should also finally release the details of deals with Star and consortium partners, including the casino licence, 99-year lease, community impact statement, consultation reports, cost-benefit analysis or business case, the probity checks. 

“The Government should tell us whether they’ve signed anything that prevents them from cancelling Star’s license, and how on earth they got us into this mess.

“A secret deal with an organisation embroiled in the criminal underworld is not a good look for this government. 

“It’s also not a good look for either major party to keep taking political donations from a gambling industry that profits off the back of crime, addiction, broken lives and family breakdown. 

“Labor and the LNP should return all donations from Star and ban gambling companies from funding political campaigns.”

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