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Qld Greens respond to removing detention as a "last resort" for children

The Queensland Greens have slammed the Labor State Government’s announcement this morning that they will remove the principle that detention is a sentence of “last resort” for children aged 10-18. 

 Michael Berkman:

 “This is a purely a political response to pressure, that at best will do absolutely nothing, and at worst will make a bad situation even worse. 

 “Labor is treating Queenslanders like idiots because Steven Miles doesn’t have the guts for a real conversation about community safety.

 “Who thinks making prison the default option for kids as young as 10 is a good idea?

 “We have the highest rates of detention in Australia and it’s not working. Detention is turning low-level offenders into lifelong criminals and making reoffending worse. 

 “I met with victims yesterday and they agreed that youth detention in Queensland is not rehabilitative, and is only making things worse. 

 “Steven Miles and Labor are too cynical and weak to admit that they’ve messed up - instead, they’re doubling down. 

“This is more of the same, which means more criminalised kids and more victims.

 “Labor and the LNP now have practically identical policies on crime; neither are proposing any real change to the failed status quo. No wonder people are sick of politics.”

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