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Let us get to work: Greens say recall Parliament to protect renters

In response to the National Cabinet decision to impose an eviction ban, Michael Berkman is calling on Queensland Labor to recall Parliament to protect renters. 

Greens MP Michael Berkman said: 

“The PM has announced a ban on evictions, but it won’t be law until Queensland Parliament sits again in four weeks’ time. 

“I’m hearing from lots of worried renters who fear they don’t have that long before facing homelessness.  

“My message to Queensland Labor is this: let us do our jobs and protect renters now. 

“No one should lose their home because of this pandemic. 

“As well as a ban on evictions, we also need to make sure renters aren’t left with mountains of debts and facing homelessness when the ban is lifted. 

“If Labor won’t recall Parliament this week, they should at least order the police to stop enforcing eviction orders, and negotiate with QCAT to stop eviction orders being made. 



Michael Berkman previously wrote to the Premier Leader of the House and the Housing Minister calling for Parliament to sit on Tuesday 31 March as planned in order to pass:


  • A moratorium on evictions during the current crisis, at a minimum for six months,
  • A rental holiday for those affected by the crisis, including those who have lost their jobs,
  • A repayment holiday and protection from foreclosure for homeowners and landlords who cannot pay their mortgage, and
  • A guarantee that every one of the 20,000 Queenslanders who are homeless will be given a home. 


Some of these measures such as help for mortgage-holders may rely on Federal government support, but the Queensland government should go as far and as fast as possible to make sure everyone has a home during this crisis.

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