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Labor must keep their promise on Adani public funding as Greens pledge scrutiny

Greens call for no public funding for Adani.

6 June 2018

In light of the reported Queensland government funding for Adani’s access road, the Queensland Greens have called on Labor to keep their promise of no public funding for Adani and have pledged to use Parliamentary questions on notice and Estimates to uncover the truth.

“This isn’t rocket science - Labor promised no public money for Adani, and now they must stick to their word”, said Queensland Greens MP for Maiwar Michael Berkman.  

“How many schools, hospitals and clean energy projects will go without so that a coal billionaire can get a free road upgrade?  

“Mr Adani flies around the world in a private jet, but Queensland Labor are still considering handing over our money.

“I will be using Parliamentary questions on notice and the Budget Estimates process to get to the bottom of  this reported dodgy deal.

Media contact: Abe O’Neill 0439 758 860


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