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Petition: Better buses for Bardon

Buses on the west side are notoriously bad. That means many locals choose to drive, and peak hour traffic is terrible. 

Locals in Bardon and parts of Paddington don’t have an easy way to catch the bus to Toowong, St Lucia or the train line, even though they live very close. Connections to the city are also relatively slow and infrequent, especially outside peak hour. 

Local residents have started a campaign for better buses, and I’m supporting them by creating this petition to the State Transport Minister. Previously in December 2019 I wrote to the Minister requesting that the government improve buses in Bardon. We will deliver the petition to the Minister and Brisbane City Council later in 2020. 

The key improvements we are pushing for are:

1. New high frequency bus between Bardon and Toowong 

We want to create a new high-frequency bus between Bardon, Paddington and Toowong by extending the 375 to commence and terminate at Toowong train station. Currently the 375 terminates at Carwoola Street, Bardon. The extension could run via Sir Samuel Griffiths Drive and the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. 

Brisbane needs more cross-suburban links, instead of travelling into the city and back out again. This extension would create a much-needed link between Bardon, Paddington and Toowong with its train station, bus interchange, library, shopping precinct and community facilities. 

2. Make the 375, 475 and Great Circle Line “turn up and go”

We want to make getting to the city, northern suburbs around and getting the west side by much easier than driving. That means creating a real “turn up and go” service, with buses at least once every 10 minutes all day, every day including evenings and weekends. 

Right now the 375 and 475 buses run just once per hour in the evening. The 598/599 Great Circle Line is also slow and unreliable. 

3. Connect the 475 with the 375

We want to make sure these two routes connect up together, instead of missing each other. This would mean residents in Rosalie along Rainworth and Boundary Rd could easily link up with the new Toowong bus. Bardon parents could let their kids catch the bus to Rainworth State School more easily. The 475 route should be extended to terminate at Carwoola St rather than Leworthy St, just a 2 minute drive away. 

500 Signatures

214 Signatures

Will you sign?

To the Queensland Minister for Transport, Translink and the Brisbane City Council, we request that you:

  • Create a new high frequency bus connection between Bardon, Paddington and Toowong by extending the 375 to commence and terminate at Toowong train station. 
  • Make the 375, 475 and Great Circle Line buses “turn up and go” by increasing frequency all day every day, to at least once every 10 minutes. 
  • Connect the 375 and 475 buses for easy interchanges at Carwoola St, Bardon. 

These improvements should happen as soon as possible, but at the latest they should be included in the upcoming bus network review alongside Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro. 

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