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Greens support safe, legal and free abortion as Committee Report released

5 October 2018

Greens MP Michael Berkman, a member of the Health Committee considering the bill to decriminalise abortion, has supported the Committee’s report adding further comments.

“The Greens strongly support the bill as a vital step to make sure abortion is safe, legal and free.

“I have called for improvements to make sure safe access zones protect patients, family members and staff and ensure they are enforceable.

“Beyond this bill, Labor seems to have no plan to bring down out-of-pocket costs and expand free access via the public health system.

“Our world-leading universal public healthcare should cover abortion, just like any other health issue.

“The anti-choice movement has spread shocking misinformation throughout the public debate on this Bill, but none of it stands up to scrutiny and expert evidence.

“It’s so important now that members of both Labor and the LNP rely on the overwhelming expert evidence, not the anti-choice rhetoric, and vote for this long overdue reform.

Media contact: Abe O’Neill 0439 758 860

Mr Berkman’s additional statement on the report is available on the Committee website as part of the report.

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