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Greens MP requests coronial inquest into cyclist Carolyn Lister's death

Queensland’s sole Greens MP has today written to the State Coroner requesting an inquest into the death of cyclist Carolyn Lister outside the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital on 30 June. 

His letter follows similar calls from groups including Bicycle Qld, North Brisbane Bicycle Users’ Group, and West Brisbane Bicycle Users’ Group.

Greens MP Michael Berkman:

“Carolyn Lister’s tragic death might have been avoided if we’d implemented the recommendations of the previous coronial inquest into Rebekka Meyer’s 2014 death. 

“We must not make the same mistake again and simply carry on with business as usual in the wake of this loss.

“I’m hopeful that an inquest into Carolyn Lister’s death will help provide a greater evidence base for legislative and policy changes to improve safety for cyclists, especially in relation to routes shared with heavy vehicles.

“I also believe that making cycling safer will have positive long-term impacts for our cities - we’d see more people, especially families, getting out of their cars and onto a bike, which means less traffic, cleaner air and healthier communities.”

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