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Estimates: Questioning Stanwell on workforce planning for coal-fired power station retirement

During Parliamentary Budget Estimates on Friday 16 July 2021, I asked the acting CEO of Government-owned energy corporation Stanwell about planning for the closure of coal-fired power stations, after the former CEO suddenly 'resigned' following the Energy Minister's negative reception of his public comments about the need for this work. 

You can read the answers below or in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard).

Mr BERKMAN: Chair, I would also like to put a question to the CEO of Stanwell. Before the former CEO of Stanwell, Richard Van Breda, stood down, he said that the company was planning for the future of the workforce, with retirement of coal-fired assets including ‘steps to bring our people, communities, unions and government together to put plans in place ... in relation to retraining, redeployment and ... retirement’ for workers. I understand that he has also said that these plans would aim to ‘ensure the long-term economic resilience of their regions’. My question for you is whether that work is continuing, or has it now been dropped since the departure of the former CEO?

CHAIR: There is limited scope for the company, but within that scope I think we can put the question to you. I am not sure.

Mr Aspinall: I am on the board of Stanwell Corporation and I have taken on the role in an acting capacity as the acting chief executive officer. In that capacity we are not changing any of our plans for looking at the future of our current power stations and working with the communities in which we operate to continue on developing opportunities in the regions in which our power stations are located.

CHAIR: We might return to the member for Kawana.

Mr BERKMAN: I have a very brief follow-up while the CEO is here.

CHAIR: I have given you a fair opportunity.

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