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Greens accuse LNP Council of funding developer tax cuts by slashing public infrastructure projects

The Greens have accused the LNP-led Brisbane City Council of cutting public services and infrastructure to pay for developer tax cuts.

The Greens are promising to reinstate crucial public infrastructure projects including the Toowong to West End green bridge if they win the balance of power at the 2024 Council election.

Greens MP for Maiwar Michael Berkman: 

“The LNP has proven it’s the party of developers, not residents, by cutting public services and infrastructure to pay for developer tax cuts.

“Before the last election the LNP agreed to the Greens’ proposal for a green bridge from Toowong to West End, but it seems that was just a greenwashing exercise to keep their seats. 

“Only a couple of months ago Council promised locals they’d deliver this crucial public infrastructure, but it seems their handouts to developers have created a budget hole and residents are paying the price. 

“The LNP should make developers pay their fair share instead of cutting services and infrastructure.”

Greens Councillor Trina Massey - The Gabba Ward: 

“As the LNP continue to line developers' pockets and reward them with unlimited heights, Brisbane residents lose again."


Council announced in August that it would cut infrastructure charges and today the Lord Mayor announced spending would be cut by $400 million to address “budget blowouts”. The Toowong to West End green bridge promised four years ago is one of the projects to be put on hold “indefinitely”, despite Council promising in August that consultation would open soon.

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