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CCC’s $409K consultant bill to water down Inquiry recommendations “insulting” - Greens

Queensland Greens questioning during Estimates today has revealed consultants were paid $409K to help the CCC “review” the Commission of Inquiry into Qld Police Responses to Domestic and Family Violence’s key recommendation for an independent police integrity unit to investigate all complaints against police. 

The options paper GSA Consulting produced included options to water down the Commission’s recommendation and retain police involvement in investigations, including deaths in custody. 

Michael Berkman:

“Apparently this Government will spare no taxpayer expense to protect crooked cops from independent investigation. 

“We had this inquiry for a reason. For Labor to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into dismantling the recommendations is deeply concerning, and frankly insulting to everyone who gave testimony about police misconduct and abuses of power. 

“Police should not be investigating police - simple as that.”

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