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Ban fracking, protect the Channel Country - Greens

The Greens have called for the Queensland government to protect the Channel Country after revelations that an independent expert report recommending a ban on fracking was suppressed using the “Cabinet in Confidence” loophole.

Queensland Greens MP Michael Berkman said:

“Labor has broken two election promises in a row from 2015 and 2017 letting big fracking companies like Santos into the Channel Country.

“Fracking for CSG and shale gas is a land-wrecking, tax-dodging, water-sucking, climate-trashing disaster.

“Suppressing and ignoring the experts’ report while handing out new permits to Santos looks and smells like plain old fashioned cronyism.

“We need to ban fracking forever, and make sure these multinationals like Santos pay their fair share of tax in the meantime.

Greens Leader in the Senate, Senator Larissa Waters said:

“The threat to precious water and the special favours granted for donors is exactly why the Greens have long proposed legislation to ban donations from the fossil fuel sector and to ban gas fracking.

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