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Qld Labor and LNP on a unity ticket supporting Adani

Thursday 18 April 2019

A Labor-dominated Queensland Parliamentary committee has recommended that the Greens Bill to stop all coal mining in the Galilee Basin, including Adani, should not be passed. Labor and LNP members were unanimous in opposing the Bill.

“Queenslanders facing record fires, floods and droughts will be devastated at this report.

“This Labor-dominated Parliamentary committee had the chance to stop Adani today, but so far they’ve failed.

“Labor and LNP members were on a unity ticket: both recommended that my bill not be passed.

“Coal workers and coal towns have worked and sacrificed to keep the lights on and build our common prosperity, so we can’t leave them to the chaos of the market as coal declines.

“Any politician without a plan to phase out thermal coal with good jobs, housing and security for workers is not serious about climate change or Queensland’s future.

“The Adani mine would be a disaster that condemns all of our kids to a more dangerous life.

“The grip of the coal billionaires on Labor and the LNP looks as strong as ever.

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