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Qld Greens respond to proposed youth justice reforms

The Queensland Greens have responded to the Labor State Government’s ‘Strengthening Community Safety Bill 2023’ by slamming it as reheated LNP policy that will make communities less safe.

Queensland Greens spokesperson for Youth Justice Michael Berkman:

“Once again Labor is copying the LNP’s homework, and they’re both failing. 

“Labor hasn’t just backflipped on breach of bail; they’ve come up with an even worse solution than Campbell Newman. 

“They don’t care about community safety, all they care about is a headline. Queenslanders now know Labor will abandon their supposed principles for political clout, even where they concede they’re breaching Queensland’s Human Rights Act.

“A ‘serious repeat offender’ declaration is this Government admitting that it’s failed to rehabilitate a child, and has no other solutions but cycling them back through an ineffective system. 

“Queensland is locking up more kids than any other state and it isn’t working. 

“Instead of reheating old LNP policies, Labor should fix the basics in this state like the housing crisis, underfunded state schools and a strained healthcare system. 

“The funding for evidence-based programs that actually improve safety is dwarfed by spending on new youth prisons, and is completely undermined by taking our laws backwards in an attempt to outdo the LNP.”

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