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Labor’s attack on peaceful protest passes, but climate crisis remains

After Queensland Labor’s laws cracking down on peaceful protest passed the Queensland Parliament, the Greens urged the government to act on climate change rather than dragging Queensland back to the Joh era. 

Greens MP Michael Berkman: 

“This disgraceful crackdown on the right to peaceful protest may have passed, but we’re still on the edge of a cliff thanks to the unfolding climate crisis. 

“Going full-tilt for 100% publicly-owned clean energy, building 1 million social homes and guaranteeing a better life for everyone is the best way to make our world cleaner but also fairer. 

“Compromise with the LNP, climate deniers and coal billionaires won’t cut it. 

“By blindly obeying the Courier Mail, Labor has started a pointless culture war with the LNP that it can’t win. 

“The LNP’s amendments were even worse than Labor’s bill, and this kind of slippery slope is exactly what we’ve been trying to warn them about.

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