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Cut politicians’ wages, not frontline workers’ - Greens

Greens MP Michael Berkman has called on the Labor State government to scrap its wage freeze for frontline public servants, and argued that politicians should pay instead.

Michael Berkman:

“The Queensland Government froze mining royalties in the same year the industry exported $68 billion worth of resources. 

“They won’t touch their banking and fossil fuel donors’ profits, so they’re going after workers’ wages - how about politicians take a pay cut instead?

“This stupid, short-sighted wage freeze will affect some of the lowest paid public servants in the state, which means it’ll cut spending and delay Queensland’s economic recovery.

“The Labor State government is betraying hospital staff, teachers and other frontline workers who’ve gone above and beyond to care for, teach and serve Queensland families this year.

“Public servants are telling me they’re grateful to still have work in uncertain times, but many of them are also struggling to provide for their family after a partner or child lost their job.

“The government’s plan to circumvent usual negotiating processes with legislation is an abuse of power, and sets the dangerous precedent for industrial relations that a ‘done deal’ can just be ripped up on a whim.

“If Labor cares about Queenslanders, they’ll stop taking policy advice from Campbell Newman and pick on someone’s salary that’s more their own size - feel free to start with mine.” 

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