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Sustainable development: fix the Planning Act

Across Queensland, residents have lost control of their neighbourhoods. We know it’s possible to create well-designed, medium density development with adequate new public infrastructure. To do that, we need to take power from big developers and give it back to communities. 

I’ve seen it time and again here in Maiwar:

  • When 3,500+ residents formally objected to the Mt Coot-tha ziplines, the Lord Mayor said these submissions wouldn’t be factored into Council’s assessment of the Development Application. 
  • Despite widespread support and a growing need for green space, Council is refusing to buy back the former ABC site and create new public space in Toowong.
  • The grossly inappropriate Tricare high-rise development in Taringa, even after a huge community campaign and being refused by Council, was approved by the Court when the developer challenged the refusal.
  • In the Aura Retirement Village proposal at Long Pocket, the wealthy Indooroopilly Golf Club stands to make $78 million on land they bought from Council without a public auction or tender, even while the development breaches Council’s own zoning policy.
  • Community consultations on “infrastructure designations” at local schools including QASMT and St Peters were rushed, opaque and inadequate.
  • Apartment blocks and commercial spaces are constantly being approved, with little to no meaningful consultation. 

Before I was an MP I worked for years in planning and environment law, helping communities fight against big corporations and poor decisions. Now, although development is technically a Council responsibility, I spend a lot of my time as the State MP advocating on the community’s behalf about development matters. I’ve seen that the system isn’t designed to put people first. This is why I’ve been calling on the Labor State government to overhaul the Planning Act. 

You can read the full plan to restore a planning system for people, not profit here.

Need help objecting to a specific development in our local community?

Here's a helpful guide to making a submission on a development application. 

My office can also assist with:

  • Printing flyers or information to letterbox drop your neighbourhood
  • Arranging a meeting to discuss the development in person 
  • Writing supporting submissions where the development is of high interest or concern for the local community
  • Helping to organise and facilitate a community meeting to bring residents together to discuss concerns
  • Other support or assistance, depending on the development - get in touch via email: [email protected] or phone: 3737 4100.

2,000 Signatures

1,426 Signatures

Will you sign?

PETITION to the Minister for Planning and the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, we request that you:

  • Launch a root and branch review of Queensland’s planning laws to enable local democracy and put people ahead of developer profits.
  • Immediately implement the following reforms:
    • Make neighbourhood plans binding, including binding height limits to end special deals for developers
    • Make sure all major developments are "Impact Assessable"
    • Strengthen community objection rights and improve transparency in decision making
    • Increase community certainty in the planning system by removing loopholes in the Planning Act, including “exemption certificates” from assessment and letting developers choose their own assessor
    • Make property developers pay their fair share for public infrastructure like schools, hospitals, public transport and green space, including a 75% Developer Tax and lifting caps on developer infrastructure charges
    • Improve protection for urban green space, native wildlife and areas of ecological significance, including veto powers for environment and heritage assessors
    • Less construction noise on Saturdays
    • No development in flood-prone areas, to account for long-term implications of climate change


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