Train Station Accessibility

Many Maiwar residents have contacted me about accessibility problems at train stations, particularly Taringa and Auchenflower, where navigation is practically impossible for people who use a wheelchair for mobility, our ageing population who may use a walking frame, or parents with prams.

In March 2018, I asked the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey, what the plan was for the train stations in my electorate. He advised Auchenflower Station is scheduled for an upgrade, including the installation of a lift, but did not provide a timeframe for this or any other upgrades, including to Taringa station. I've written a follow up letter seeking a meeting to discuss this further.

Queensland Rail has a Station Accessibility Upgrade Program designed to address accessibility issues but it doesn’t include any timeframe for upgrades at Auchenflower Station, and Taringa Station isn’t mentioned at all. It is not clear whether the Program has sufficient funding to make every train station accessible by the federally-imposed deadline in 2022. The missing ingredient in this scenario is political will.

Please join me in calling on the Minister to fund accessibility upgrades to meet disability standards and accepted community functionality at Taringa Station and Auchenflower Station.

Accessibility upgrades are an investment, not a cost. Full accessibility at train stations in Maiwar, and all other stations on the QR network, is incredibly important, to ensure each and every citizen can exercise their right to engage with our broader community.

Check out the video I made with visiting WA Senator Jordon Steele-John, who was shocked at the state of our stations here!

PETITION to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey MP and the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland:

Currently, more than half of the state’s train stations do not comply with federal disability standards for public transport. These standards mandate that all stations in Queensland must be upgraded by 2022. There is still no clear plan for how the government will get there.

The social and economic benefits of public transport accessibility are very clear, yet Taringa and Auchenflower Stations still have major accessibility issues. This excludes many members of our community from using the stations, hindering their access to the rest of our public transport network.

We understand both Queensland Rail and the Queensland Government are committed in principle to making public transport accessible for all. Now it’s time to turn this commitment into action. Accordingly, your petitioners request the Government fund and install accessibility upgrades to Taringa Station and Auchenflower Station by 2020. We also request the Government commit to a binding, fully funded plan to make all of Queensland’s train stations fully accessible.

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