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Greens welcome progress on protecting renters, pushing for rent pauses and greater scrutiny

In response to the State government’s announcement on residential tenancies, the Greens are pushing to make sure everyone keeps their home & no one falls into unpayable debt.

Greens MP Michael Berkman: 

“After weeks of waiting it’s great to see some small positive steps, but we also need lasting reforms that guard against eviction after the pandemic has passed.

“I’ll be closely scrutinising the legislation to make sure no one loses their home, and I’m urging Labor to bring back Parliament as soon as possible. 

“I’m concerned that the ban on evictions may have some big loopholes. 

“From a public health perspective it is crucial that no-one is forced out of their home during this shutdown, regardless of the landlord's motives. 

“Rent reductions should not depend on an arduous RTA conciliation process, so I’m considering moving amendments to make it easier to access rent relief. 

“The $400 million in land tax relief for landlords does not appear to have any compliance mechanism at all, which is concerning. 

“If a tenant negotiates cheaper rent during this period due to lost income, we need to ensure they’ll be protected from rent hikes and so-called revenge evictions after the shutdown is over.

“Tenants need confidence that if they ask for a rent-free period now, it won’t come back to bite them eight or nine months’ down the line.

“We need permanent rules that prevent landlords jacking up the rent unreasonably or ending tenancies without a good reason.

“How do we know landlords won’t dramatically increase rents after a lease is renewed to claw back some of their lost revenue?"

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