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Renters' rights

Right now, 47% of households in Maiwar rent. My family is one of them. With home ownership increasingly out of reach, an ever growing population and mix of people, including families, are renting long term. 

COVID-19 has highlighted the dangerous power imbalance between renters and landlords, and the harmful ways in which our housing system is designed to maximise private profit, while failing to give everyone a home.

What do we want?

  • An end to "No Grounds" evictions: Leases should only be able to be terminated with 12 months’ notice by the landlord, and only on reasonable grounds
  • Rent controls: We need a ban on rental bidding, and a reasonable cap on rent increases so that landlords can only increase rents every 24 months and never by more than inflation across that time. 
  • Minimum standards: Landlords must be required to maintain rental homes at a minimum standard prior to and during the tenancy. In 2017, the Queensland Parliament has already passed legislation to allow the Housing Minister to create minimum standards but the government still has not acted to implement that legislation. 
  • Right to minor improvements: Tenants should be able to make minor renovations to their property without permission from the landlord, including putting nails in the wall, installing furniture hooks for safety or putting up shelves. 
  • Ban No Pet clauses: Tenants should have the right to have a pet in their rental property. 

Many of these policies have already been implemented throughout the world, in places like Berlin, Paris, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and even Tasmania and Victoria. 

What’s next?

After huge pressure from the Greens during the 2017 State election, the Queensland Labor State government agreed to review our rental laws. In late 2018, they received more than 135,000 submissions from the public.

In November 2019, the Government finally announced some proposed changes and further consultation. Unfortunately, the proposed reforms still didn't deal with the crucial issue of skyrocketing rents, and after COVID-19 the reforms fell off the Government's agenda.

Now we're facing a serious housing crisis, and our rental laws are making it worse. That's why in May 2021, the Greens introduced our Renters Rights Bill to Queensland Parliament. You can read more about the Bill, and how you can help us fight for these crucial reforms, here