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Greens to seek to amend Labor’s COVID-19 blank cheque to pokies lobby

The Greens are seeking to move amendments to Labor’s emergency COVID-19 Bill which gives the Attorney General unlimited power to cancel or defer pokies taxes until December with no Parliamentary oversight. 

Greens MP Michael Berkman: 

“Labor has already promised $50 million in pokies tax deferrals but their newest COVID-19 Bill goes much further, allowing an unlimited tax waiver for every poker machine in pubs, clubs and casinos. 

“I’ll be seeking to move amendments to stop this cash handout for pokies operators. 

“This plan is more than the pokies lobby could even dream of. 

“This Bill is being rushed through after two days’ notice with no inquiry, no consultation and no scrutiny. 

“The power to cancel pokies taxes is not even subject to the normal Parliamentary oversight. 

“Instead of this blank cheque to casinos and the pokies lobby, Labor should be creating a buy-back scheme to get pokies out of pubs and clubs.

“Special treatment for venues with pokies is a real slap in the face for pubs with no pokies who are doing right by their communities.

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