Queensland MP calls for rental increase cap of 1 per cent per year

Queenslanders should only face rent hikes of up to 1 per cent a year and evicting tenants for "no grounds" would be banned, under a Greens push for renters' rights legislation.

Speech on the latest IPCC report

I spoke in Parliament about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's recent report calling for urgent action.

Question Time: IPCC, Coal and Climate Change

Michael questions Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy as to the long term viability of burning coal given the IPCC's findings on climate change.

Speech on the Mineral, Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

On Thursday 18 October 2018, Michael spoke on the Mineral, Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.

Speech on Renters' Rights

On Thursday 18 October 2018, Michael spoke on renters' rights within Queensland.

Safe, legal and free: Greens welcome abortion win and push for universal access

17 October 2018 Greens MP Michael Berkman has welcomed the passage of the bill to decriminalise abortion in Queensland.

Comments on Paramount Importance of Climate Change Action

On Sunday 16 October 2019, Michael detailed the necessity of acting upon the IPCC's warnings regarding climate change.

Speech on Termination of Pregnancy Bill - second reading

Decriminalising abortion - second reading speech on the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018

Question Time: Latest Report from IPCC

On Tuesday 16 October 2018, Michael questioned the Queensland Parliament regarding its relative inaction on climate change.

Greens support safe, legal and free abortion as Committee Report released

5 October 2018 Greens MP Michael Berkman, a member of the Health Committee considering the bill to decriminalise abortion, has supported the Committee’s report adding further comments.

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