Casinos getting special treatment on liquor licensing

Government response to report on alcohol related violence shows casinos receive special treatment.

Letter to Lord Mayor on Pedestrian Safety in Indooroopilly

On 12 July 2019, Michael wrote to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner calling for some pedestrian safety improvements in Indooroopilly. 

Could the new school on the west side be a “vertical school”?

A community survey conducted by Greens MP Michael Berkman for Maiwar has reaffirmed that the west side desperately needs a new school, and locals are open to “vertical school” options. 

Greens Budget Response 2019

On Friday 14 June 2019, Michael Berkman delivered the Greens' response to the 2019 Budget.

Question about experts' advice on Adani's groundwater management plan

On Tuesday 11 June in Question Time, Michael asked the Qld Environment Minister whether she'd guarantee recent advice from 7 of the country's top groundwater experts, calling Adani’s groundwater plans “severely flawed”, would be properly considered and reflected in her department's decision. The Minister couldn't provide a real answer to that question.

Adani CEO Lucas Dow's misleading jobs testimony

On Tuesday 11 June 2019, Michael Berkman asked that the Speaker refer Adani CEO Lucas Dow to the Ethics Committee for misleading Parliament about jobs at the Adani mine. 

Greens demand release of expert advice behind Adani finch plan approval

The Greens have demanded Queensland Labor release Professor Brendan Wintle’s expert review of Adani’s Black-Throated Finch Management Plan after the politically tainted approval today.

Qld Labor trashes science to fast-track Adani

Friday 24 May 2019 Queensland Labor’s fast-tracked three week timeline for a decision on Adani’s scientific water and wildlife plans trashes advice of Australia’s leading scientists.

My priorities for the 2019 Budget

On 15 May 2019 I wrote to Deputy Premier and Treasurer Jackie Trad outlining my priorities for the 2019 Budget. These priorities are relevant to our local area in Maiwar and across the State. 

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