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LNP Council’s “discretion” on fence signs is deeply undemocratic - Greens

Greens MP Michael Berkman has slammed the LNP-led Brisbane City Council’s admission that they will retain “enforcement discretion” over signage at residents’ private homes

Michael Berkman:

“The LNP Council is saying they'll pick and choose what signs are allowed, and who can put them up on their own property. 

“Council’s new laws limiting signs on private property are already undemocratic and inconsistent with residents’ rights to freedom of political expression. 

“Now they’re saying they won't even enforce them evenly - no prizes for guessing which signs will be allowed and who'll face a $27,000 fine!

“I’ve had other residents contact my office after being threatened with Council action for hosting climate action signs on their property - including someone who happens to live right by LNP MP Julian Simmonds’ office. 

“I am incredibly concerned that the LNP are using their position on Council to intimidate and silence their political opponents ahead of the Federal election.”


Brisbane City Council asked Taringa local Shem Allen to take down a small "Climate Action Now" sign from his fence or face a fine of up to $27,000, under new local signage rules. 

After the Environmental Defenders’ Office lodged a human rights complaint on Shem’s behalf, LNP Councillor Kim Marx told ABC Radio Brisbane they would let him keep his “Climate Action Now” sign up, because Council’s signage rules "allow for enforcement discretion".

They confirmed that the laws technically applied to Shem’s issue-based sign. Council did not confirm how they would enforce signs relating to the Federal election. 

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