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Greens welcome Adani prosecution - time to scrap it

5 September 2018

Greens MP Michael Berkman has welcomed the government’s decision to prosecute Adani for knowingly spilling toxic coal sludge in the Great Barrier Reef and is urging Labor to scrap the project.

“People power has dragged Labor kicking and screaming to take this basic but welcome step.

“This is exactly what community groups have been calling for since the news broke that Adani breached their temporary emissions license by 800% in April 2017.  

“Labor must scrap Adani completely and make sure coal stays in the ground.

“Dangerous climate change is already wrecking lives, but billionaire mining companies don’t give a damn.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk, Jackie Trad and Leeanne Enoch could scrap Adani today, and it’s high time they showed a bit of political leadership.

“Despite today’s prosecution for the coal sludge spill into the Great Barrier Reef via the W2 outlet, the pollution into the Caley Valley Wetlands has gone unpunished thanks to non-existent monitoring at the W1 outlet.


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