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Greens introduce emergency bill to stop all Galilee coal mines, including Adani

31 October 2018

In the wake of the IPCC Special Report this month, the Queensland Greens will today introduce an emergency bill to ban any coal mining in the Galilee Basin, including cancelling Adani’s mining lease and prohibiting the grant of any other mining leases.

Michael Berkman, Greens MP for Maiwar said:

“It’s time to hit the climate emergency button. The scientists have told us that Adani and the Galilee Basin mines can never, ever be built.

“Adani and the other Galilee Basin mines are planned to run until 2080 or beyond, putting our homes, farms, forests and reefs in the danger zone.

“Existing thermal coal mines and power stations must be phased out in coming years, but new mines in the Galilee Basin are a dangerous dead end, and now is the time to rule them out.

“The IPCC’s warning means we need a planned, jobs-rich transition away from existing coal mines, but opening up massive new coal mines is now out of the question.

“We know that a massive mobilisation to build publicly owned clean energy, affordable homes and public transport could create millions of jobs

“Labor and the LNP are pushing coal because they would rather protect the profits of a few big polluters than break with the status quo.

“The world’s top scientists have confirmed that to stop catastrophic global warming we need to cut thermal coal to 0-2% of global electricity supply by 2050.

Media contact: Abe O’Neill 0439 758 860

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