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Greens condemn shocking double standard for Adani protestors

Greens MP Michael Berkman has condemned the double standard of clamping down on peaceful protesters while the clock runs out to prosecute Adani for knowingly breaking the law.  

Mr Berkman understands that the Clerk of the Parliament has lodged a complaint with the police calling for the protestors to be prosecuted under the s51 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1988 and s13 of the Parliamentary Service By-law 2013.


“Prosecuting ordinary citizens for peaceful protest and throwing confetti is heavy-handed and is not in the public interest.


“This is a shocking double standard.


“If you’re a billionaire mining company you can knowingly spill toxic coal sludge and Queensland Labor sits on their hands.  


“If you embarrass politicians and make them feel uncomfortable, you get the book thrown at you.


“It only takes a few hours to prosecute peaceful protestors, but it’s been eighteen months since Adani broke the law without any action from Labor.


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