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Greens condemn Labor’s latest attack on peaceful protesters

Queensland Labor is now going to shocking and dangerous lengths to shut down dissent and hide its hypocrisy on climate change.

20 August 2019


Michael Berkman, Greens MP for Maiwar:


“Labor has today joined the LNP’s attempts to return Queensland to a police state reminiscent of the Bjelke-Peterson days, where police powers and offences are designed to silence dissent.


“These new laws are a terrifying and misguided overreach designed to dehumanise and deliberately target climate justice activists, rather than genuinely consider their reasonable policy demands. 


“Despite what right-wing politicians and commentators insist, the wider community understands the urgency of the climate crisis, and they want governments to act. 


“They know that business as usual is no longer acceptable in the face of climate chaos. Only with all other options exhausted are ordinary people resorting to these peaceful but disruptive actions.  


“Peaceful protesters, who are fighting for a safe world, are not “extremists”. Governments with their heads in the sand and their hands in the pockets of climate criminals are the real extremists here.

“What I want to know is: where's this “tough on crime” approach when big coal companies break the law? 


“The Premier is quick to label everyday people as “dangerous, reckless, irresponsible, selfish and stupid" for protesting. Where was this response when the New Acland coal mine drilled illegally at 27 sites and was fined just $3,152? Or when Adani spewed coal-laden sludge into the Great Barrier Reef world heritage area and was fined only $12,000?”


Media contact for Michael Berkman: Emerald Moon 0431 388 755

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