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Estimates: Question about reopening the Tennyson train line

During Parliamentary Budget Estimates on Tuesday 10 August 2021, I asked whether the Government would consider reopening the Tennyson train line. 

You can read the answer below or in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard).

Mr BERKMAN: This is a question relevant to both mine and the minister’s electorate but I will put
it to the DG again. Director-General, now that the Tennyson tennis centre will be an Olympic venue and
there are major residential developments in Yeerongpilly and Indooroopilly going on at the moment,
and with Cross River Rail opening soon, is the department considering re-opening the Tennyson train
line between Yeerongpilly and Corinda?

Mr Scales: The answer is no.

Mr BERKMAN: In that light, I will ask another question, if I might, Chair.

CHAIR: We have time for one more quick question.

Mr BAILEY: I am happy to add to that answer. Can I just say that the people who use the
Tennyson tennis centre use the Yeerongpilly station. You suggest that they would need a Tennyson
line to get there, but they already have a heavy rail station nearby that will also benefit from the Cross
River Rail project. The Yeerongpilly Green development, the tennis centre and the existing residential
area is very well served by heavy rail right now and it will be even better with Cross River Rail.

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