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Estimates: Question on staff ratios in youth detention centres

During Parliamentary Estimates on Tuesday 15 December 2020, I asked a question about staff ratios in youth detention centres.

You can read the answers below or in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard).

Mr BERKMAN: Turning to the answer to question on notice No. 19, Director-General, can you confirm whether in recent years there has been any industrial agreement affecting staff ratios that has impacted on the number of children that can be detained in youth detention centres?

Ms Mulkerin: I will refer to my colleague.

Mr Gee: Thanks for the question. I think the question and the answer are very specific. There has been no impact. There has been an industrial agreement and there was a decision. In the last enterprise bargaining agreement there is a one-to-four ratio mentioned, but in terms of a security overlay there is absolutely no impact in terms of capacity on staffing and bed numbers.

Mr BERKMAN: Thank you. Given the brevity of that question, could I ask one further question, Chair?

CHAIR: Sorry, member. We are out of time for non-government questions, but we may come back to you.

Mr BERKMAN: Very important government questions.

Ms LUI: Will the minister advise about progress in recruiting, supporting and valuing foster and kinship carers?

Ms LINARD: Thank you very much, member. Sorry, Chair, but I did not get this in just before, but clearly, member for Maiwar, this is an area of significant concern for you and I know you were desperately trying to get more questions in. I am happy to meet with you post estimates to give you a briefing. It is obviously something vexing you.

Mr BERKMAN: Thank you. I will certainly take you up on the offer.

Ms LINARD: No trouble.

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