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Estimates: CleanCo owns zero renewable energy

During Parliamentary Budget Estimates on Tuesday 8 August 2023, I asked If CleanCo owns any renewable generation assets. 

You can read the answers below or in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard).

Mr BERKMAN: Thank you, Mr Metcalfe. An update question: can you confirm whether at this point CleanCo owns any renewable generation assets itself, excluding PPAs and CPAs?

Mr Metcalfe: We do not currently own any renewable generation assets ourselves, but we have a pipeline of projects in our portfolio that we will bring into market over the next three to five years.

Mr BERKMAN: Can you confirm, though, does CleanCo have a clear staged plan for achieving the government’s policy objective of maintaining majority public ownership as we transition to meet those renewable energy targets?

Mr Metcalfe: Absolutely. We have a 2030 set of goals that absolutely support the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, starting with a target of owning or operating up to five gigawatts of variable renewable energy and five gigawatts affirming.

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