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Could the new school on the west side be a “vertical school”?

A community survey conducted by Greens MP Michael Berkman for Maiwar has reaffirmed that the west side desperately needs a new school, and locals are open to “vertical school” options. 

From 320+ responses to the electorate-wide survey, 44% said school overcrowding was an issue for them, and 77% said they’d support a vertical school if a larger site couldn’t be secured.

Considering that 53% of families in Maiwar have children, 44% of respondents identifying school overcrowding is a very high number. 

One survey respondent commented that “vertical schools are the way of the future”, while many stressed the need for access to greenspace and active play areas. 

Some suggested building a vertical school adjacent to existing parkland, and others had ideas about where the school could be built, such as Indooroopilly Golf Course land or the UQ campus. 

The State government announced funding in this year’s budget to buy land for new schools, and Mr Berkman will be pushing to have a portion spent here on the west side.

Greens MP Michael Berkman:

“I’ve been saying for some time now that we need a new P-12 school on the west side. 

“Local schools are struggling for space, OSHC waiting lists are enormous and local kids are bearing the brunt. 

“Toowong State School just lost part of their already limited play area on the oval to new demountables, and that’s really only a stopgap measure while enrolments keep growing.

“It seems like a big majority of locals would support a vertical school, but we’ve always said that it would need to include indoor recreation facilities and access to other nearby green space. 

“There’s almost no State-owned land left in the inner west, so the government will need to identify and purchase a site. 

“Last year, after I raised this issue, the Education Department announced a working group and the Minister has said that they’re conducting an ‘options analysis’ for west side schools.

“This is why I wanted to hear the community’s views on a range of solutions, including a vertical school like the new Inner City North State Secondary School in Fortitude Valley. 

“I’m looking forward to passing on these survey results and suggestions to the government during my meeting with the Education department next month.”


Media contact for Michael Berkman: Abe O’Neill 0439 758 860

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