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Failing to plan puts coal workers at risk and trashes Qld Labor’s climate targets

The Queensalnd Greens have responded to the Queensland Energy Minister’s comments apparently ruling out a transition plan for coal fired power stations before 2030

Greens MP Michael Berkman: 

 “For years, I've been pressing the Energy Minister to look after coal workers by planning for their future, so his comments apparently ruling out any transition plan at all are deeply concerning. 

“No transition plan is a recipe for chaos. 

“We all know that keeping Queenslanders safe from climate disasters like drought, fire and flood means closing down coal and gas. 

“Without a plan for workers, they’re left with insecurity, crappy jobs and suffering in these communities that have given Queensland so much. 

“I’m very proud that Adam Bandt and the Greens have been pushing for a generous transition plan including job and income guarantees for coal workers. Queensland Labor could learn a lot from that. 

“Queensland Labor already has almost the same climate target as Scott Morrison, but this absolute denialism is going to make even that target hard to reach.

“Even the coal lobby has admitted that Queensland coal power stations may be totally gone by 2030, but apparently that's too hard for this Minister. 

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