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Casinos getting special treatment on liquor licensing

Government response to report on alcohol related violence shows casinos receive special treatment.

Re recommendation 14 on casinos:


“Small businesses and live music venues don’t get special treatment from the State government, and the double standard is pretty galling. 


“Absolutely no one would be surprised that Labor and the LNP aren’t interested in cutting into the profits of the big corporates who run the casinos in Queensland. 


“I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that the corporate owners of the Treasury casino, Star Entertainment, are major donors to both sides of politics. 


“Queenslanders would be pretty shocked that the owners of Treasury routinely shower both Labor and the LNP with gifts and freebies. 


“It’s just wrong. High-ranking figures from both sides of politics who make vital policy decisions have enjoyed everything from polo matches from corporate boxes to luxury hotel stays. 



  • Register of Interests with details of gifts 
  • Politicians who have received tickets to polo matches, tickets to the Commonwealth Games or luxury hotel accommodation: Annastasia Palaszczuk, Deb Frecklington, Jackie Trad, Mark Bailey, Crisafulli, D’Ath, Fentiman, Joan Pease, Andrew Powell, Kim Richards, Christian Rowan, Mark Ryan and John Crandon. 


Re Indro pokies story / review outcomes: 


“I’m hoping that these miniscule improvements to transparency will apply to pokies licences as well as liquor licences. 


“When the Labor State government approved 45 pokies at the Pig n Whistle Indooroopilly, locals were totally shocked that the decision was made in secret, it ignored the local community and locals couldn’t even appeal the decision. 


“On the other hand, the very wealthy pub owner could have appealed any decision to refuse his application. 


“That is completely wrong, and shows just how rigged the system is. 


“Almost a year later, I’m still fighting to have key documents like the assessment of community impacts released. 


“Any small improvements are welcome, but ultimately we need to phase out pokies from pubs and clubs across Queensland and ban political donations from the pokies lobby. 




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