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Greens announce candidates for state election

The Queensland Greens have today announced their candidates in the seats of McConnel, South Brisbane, Greenslopes, Miller, Clayfield, Cooper and Moggill.

Greens MP Michael Berkman said after successful council elections the party believed it had a chance to win up to seven seats.

“Seven Greens representatives in parliament would tip the balance in favour of ordinary people, and after years of Labor and the LNP’s cuts and privatisation that’s exactly what Queensland needs,” he said.

Mr Berkman said the Greens’ call for a public pharmaceutical corporation symbolised the choice Queenslanders face this election.

“The private pharmaceutical industry is the perfect symbol of the failure of Labor and the LNP’s programme of privatisation because the industry will always put profits ahead of people’s lives.

“It’s time we brought electricity, gas, water and healthcare back into public ownership and reversed Labor and the LNP’s privatisation of our key assets and essential services.”

“We should be investing billions of dollars in schools, hospitals and crucial public infrastructure, creating thousands of secure jobs, but instead the Treasurer chose to freeze royalties for mining corporations, forgoing billions of dollars in revenue that instead went into the pockets of some of Labor’s biggest donors”, said Amy MacMahon, Greens candidate for South Brisbane.

“If we want politics in Queensland to change for the better then we have to stop electing politicians who rely on millions of dollars in corporate donations” MacMahon said.

Kirsten Lovejoy, Greens candidate for McConnel, said that despite the lockdown the Greens were still planning to run the biggest campaign in their history.

“While Labor and the LNP rely on big money, we’ve always relied on people power” Lovejoy said.

“This election we’ll be mobilising thousands of people to make calls from home, and have hundreds of thousands of conversations about our vision to rebuild Queensland in favour of ordinary people.”


Contact: Max Chandler-Mather (0488199015)

Greens candidates announced today (note: Greens will be running in every seat and will be announcing candidates over the next few months)

Amy MacMahon - South Brisbane
Kirsten Lovejoy - McConnel
John Meyer - Clayfield
Katinka Winston-Allom - Cooper Patsy O’Brien - Miller
Victor Huml - Greenslopes
Lawson McCane - Moggill

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