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Better Buses for Fig Tree Pocket

Over the last few years I’ve been campaigning for better buses in the area, and in 2022 we secured a new school bus and improvements to the existing school routes. This is a good step, but we’re still pushing for better buses for school students and other residents - everyone deserves access to frequent and reliable public transport. As Fig Tree Pocket grows, this is our plan for better buses to Indooroopilly. Use the form at this link to email the Transport Minister, Cr Mackay, and Translink directly and show your support for improved public transport.

A new bus from Fig Tree Pocket to Indro

Even though it is so close to the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and the train station, for residents of Fig Tree Pocket driving is almost always easier and more convenient than public transport. 

The existing 445 and 430 services are both squarely aimed at 9-5 CBD commuters, but outside peak hour they run just once per hour at best. The 445 bus, which takes the most direct route to centres like Indooroopilly and the CBD, does not run on Sunday, and the last bus on weekdays arrives in Fig Tree Pocket at about 7pm. Meanwhile, there is still no public bus running up the Eastern side of Fig Tree Pocket along Jesmond Road. 

I’d like to see a new bus running frequently from Fig Tree Pocket to Indro shopping centre and the Indooroopilly Train station, and a route that includes Jesmond Road. 

More frequent 445 and 430 services

On weekdays both the 445 and 430 run hourly between peak times, and hourly all day on a weekend. 

There is only one bus that goes to Fig Tree Pocket after 6PM, and recent changes to the 430 route means for large chunks of the day most of Fig Tree Pocket’s stops will be skipped, getting from Fig Tree Pocket to Indooroopilly is even harder. 

I’ve previously written to Council and the Transport Minister calling for the 445 and 430 buses to run every 15 minutes at peak time, and every 30 minutes on the weekend. I’d also like to see the 445 and 446 run later on weekdays and weekends, to make up for the stops missed on the updated 430 route. 

In response, the Transport Minister, who can direct Translink to deliver more frequent buses, pointed to low demand for the existing buses as a reason not to improve them

We need residents to let the minister know that locals need better buses to make getting out of the car a real option. 

Would you like to see better buses for Fig Tree Pocket? Sign the petition to let the Transport Minister and Council know! You can take action and let them know using this page.

Are you from Fig Tree Pocket or do you frequently take the 445,446 or 430? I’d like to hear from you. Send through your thoughts to [email protected].

350 Signatures

360 Signatures

Will you sign?

To the Queensland Minister for Transport, Translink and the Brisbane City Council, we request that you: 


  • Create a new high frequency bus service connecting Fig Tree Pocket, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and Indooroopilly Train Station
  • Extend the existing services to include Jesmond Road 
  • Increase the frequency of the current 445 and 430 services, including running later into the night and on weekends. 


These changes should happen as soon as possible, but at the latest should be included in Council’s upcoming bus network review coinciding with the delivery of the Brisbane Metro, and TMR’s network review to be delivered alongside Cross River Rail

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