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Results: Community Vote on the ABC Site and Bridge to West End

The results to our community vote about the ABC site and a bridge to West End were overwhelming!

Here's a quick snapshot:

We were aiming for 1,000 responses, but ended up with more than double that at almost 2,500. More than 100 local residents came to our community forum to share their ideas, and my office has received emails every week about the idea since we first started talking about it.

What this huge result tells us is that residents feel really passionately about that block of land, because they can see its potential, and they don’t want it used for more apartment blocks. The community will do whatever it takes to make this happen.

We prepared a full summary and analysis of the results which you can check out here.

We also prepared these graphic illustrations to summarise some of the popular communities sentiments and ideas for the space. Note: these images are artist's impressions only and not to scale. 


You can also read what participants had to say in full. We think it's really important to be fully open and transparent about these processes, so while we have removed names and identifying factors from the responses, they are here unedited:

See the results and transcript of comments about the bridge here

See the results and transcript of what people wanted the old ABC site to be used for here

See the transcript of extra comments provided here