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Qld Government must extend rental evictions ban - Greens

Greens MP Michael Berkman has called on the Labor State government to extend its COVID-19 protections for renters, including an evictions ban and rent reductions, until at least 2021 in light of the growing economic recession and taxation relief for landlords1 announced in its 2020/21 ‘mini budget’.

“Regardless of whether you own, rent, or mortgage your home, you don’t deserve to lose it just because you’ve fallen on hard times - least of all during a pandemic and an economic recession. 

“With Labor extending its $400 million land tax relief for landlords with significant property holdings2, if we really are ‘all in this together’ then they must also extend protections for renters.

“Otherwise, we’re heading for disaster this month when rental protections expire at the same time that JobSeeker and JobKeeper are cut.

“Queensland's emergency laws already allow landlords to refuse a proper rent reduction during COVID-19, so some renters will end up with a mountain of debt - in the middle of an unemployment crisis, where are they going to find the money to pay?

“And what's to stop their landlord kicking them out when they can’t? 

“From the very start, the Greens have been calling for real rent reductions, an extended evictions ban, and serious investment in social housing, to tackle the 47,000-person waiting list and create much-needed construction jobs.”

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Question on Notice submitted by Mr Berkman today:

My question today is to the Minister for Housing and Public Works.

In relation to the protections for renters created by the COVID-19 Emergency Response Bill 2020, which expire on 29 September 2020, given that the government has extended land tax rebates and deferrals for large landlords in the COVID-19 Fiscal and Economic Review, will the Minister immediately extend those protections including mechanisms for rent reductions, extension of leases and limitations on evictions until at least the end of 2020?

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