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Question Time: Will the Premier stop evictions and freeze rents during COVID-19?

On Wednesday 18 March 2020, Michael asked Premier Palaszczuk about the government's intent to protect renters in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the answer below or in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard), or watch it HERE.

Mr BERKMAN: My question is to the Premier. The coronavirus pandemic is likely to go on for six long months and thousands of Queensland renters could lose their jobs, incomes and even their homes at the worst possible time. Will the government legislate to stop all evictions during the crisis and freeze rents in public housing until the economic pressure eases on renters, young people and working Queenslanders?

Ms PALASZCZUK: I thank the member for the question. It is a very good question about housing. During this crisis I would hope that everyone would do the right thing by tenants. I am sure the government will do all the right things by people in social housing. This is an unprecedented time that our state and our nation is experiencing. It is not really funny, Leader of the Opposition.

Mrs FRECKLINGTON: Mr Speaker, I take offence and ask the Premier to withdraw.

Ms Trad interjected.

Ms PALASZCZUK: I withdraw.

Mrs FRECKLINGTON: Mr Speaker, I take offence to what the Deputy Premier said and I ask her to withdraw.

Mr SPEAKER: The Deputy Premier was not on her feet. I did not hear what was said. Deputy Premier, to show courtesy to the House, would you withdraw as a member has been offended?

Ms TRAD: I withdraw.

Ms PALASZCZUK: These are unprecedented times. We need all Queenslanders to pitch in and help one another out. That also means that if we have elderly neighbours, people in our neighbourhoods or friends who cannot do their shopping, go to certain places or make their appointments then we need to show our great Queensland spirit and help one another out. I hope all members convey that to their communities during the hard weeks and months ahead of us.

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