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Question Time Question: Emissions Reduction Target

During Question Time on Tuesday 24 May 2022, I asked the Premier a Question Time Question on Emissions Reduction targets. 

You can read part of the question and answer below, or in the Official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard). 

Mr BERKMAN: My question is to the Premier. Last weekend Queensland voted for real climate action, yet Queensland Labor is essentially still pushing Scott Morrison’s emissions reduction target of only 30 per cent by 2030. How many more seats does Labor have to lose before it will lift its emissions reduction target to match the science?

Ms PALASZCZUK: Obviously, the member has not been listening to everything I have been saying today in this House about this government delivering. It is all well and good for the member for Maiwar to stand up and have these grand ideas, but there is no real action because the action happens when you are in government—not on the sidelines and not beating your chest, but by taking real action when you are in government.

Mr Dick interjected.

Ms PALASZCZUK: I will take that interjection—opposing Kevin Rudd back in 2009. That is what the Greens did. That was their history. We would have had it for 10 years.

Mr Furner interjected.

Ms PALASZCZUK: Minister Furner remembers that well. Let me say very clearly that we have a very strong renewable energy target and we are acting on that. I said today phenomenally $10 billion worth of investment is happening in this state. We are getting on with the job. Business is getting on with the job. The agricultural sector is getting on with the job. The only people who failed to hear the community’s calls were those opposite. Scott Morrison put his head in the sand, along with everyone else, and they failed to back renewable energy projects in regional Queensland where there are jobs.

Dr Miles interjected.

Ms PALASZCZUK: That is right. We still do not know what the Nationals think about that.

Let me say also that the Liberal and National parties really need to think about—it is a challenge for Peter Dutton now as it looks like he is going to become the leader—what will be the LNP’s policy on renewables and climate action. What is their policy?

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