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Question Time: When will the government get pokies out of pubs and clubs?

On Wednesday 31 August 2022, I asked the Attorney-General when they will phase out pokies from pubs and clubs. 

You can read my question and the answer below, or in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard)

Mr BERKMAN: My question is to the Attorney-General. Last month Queenslanders lost a record $301.8 million on pokies in pubs and clubs. How much more will people need to lose and how many more lives will be ruined by gambling addiction before the government acts on gambling advocates’ calls to get pokies out of pubs and clubs?

Honourable members interjected.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! The member for Mermaid Beach will cease his interjections.

Ms FENTIMAN: I thank the member for the question. Gambling harm is a very serious issue. While we know that a lot of gambling that happens in our clubs and pubs is very safe, a small percentage of people are addicted. We do have programs in place to help problem gamblers, we have counselling available and we have $7 million for our gambling harm strategy.

The commissioner for gambling and our responsible gambling committee provide us with advice about what more we can do to support people who have a gambling addiction. There is further reform before the House with the Casino Control and Other Legislation Amendment Bill, which I will not comment on. We are very focused on making sure that people who are addicted to gambling get the help they need. There are significant resources available. Recently we launched a wonderful campaign where people tell their stories. This is not just about the person who has the addiction; often their family and their community are also affected.

This is a very serious issue and we take it seriously. We work with industry to make sure that we have campaigns and that people know where to go to seek help. I am very proud of the government’s gambling harm policy. Towards the end of the year we will also be releasing a new gambling harm household survey, which will be the first survey since 2017. It will give us a better picture of what more we can do to support people who are addicted to gambling.

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