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Question Time: why was the QPS First Nations Advisory Group sacked?

On Tuesday, 11 June 2024, I asked the police minister to explain why the First Nations Advisory Group to the Queensland Police Service was sacked.

You can read my question and the Minister's response below or in the official Parliamentary record of proceedings (Hansard). 

Mr BERKMAN: My question this morning is to the police minister. In February the First Nations Advisory Group to QPS was sacked by email after raising concerns with the minister and the commissioner about the request to sign a new confidentiality agreement. Was the First Nations Advisory Group sacked because they publicly raised concerns about racism in the QPS, including about QPU President Ian Leavers and the new commissioner, Steve Gollschewski?

Mr RYAN: No. The Queensland Police Service has a very strong commitment to working with all First Nations partners right across the state. The Queensland Police Service is very committed to serving not only those discrete communities but also First Nations people wherever they might be in the state. The Queensland Police Service is also very committed to ensuring there is a First Nations Advisory Group. The latest advice I have is that there is a process underway to ensure a First Nations Advisory Group that not only is fit for purpose but also is able to work in strong partnership with the Queensland Police Service as it delivers policing services right across the state.

The Queensland Police Service is also committed to Path to Treaty. They are part of the truth-telling process and are currently undertaking work to prepare for the next steps in that process. This is reflective of the Queensland Police Service’s commitment to being a modern but also compassionate police service for all Queenslanders. They acknowledge that throughout the history of our state there have been many dark moments when it has come to policing our First Nations people and First Nations communities. They acknowledge that, and they are fundamentally committed to ensuring that the future is one of partnership, respect and acknowledgment. I support the Queensland Police Service not only in its efforts around ensuring there is a First Nations Advisory Group but also in its commitment to ensuring all Queenslanders are supported and policed appropriately, in accordance with the law.

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