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Premier refuses to rule out public funding for Galilee Basin coal mines. Again.

During Estimates today, Greens MP Michael Berkman has again asked the Premier to rule out supporting a NAIF loan or public funding for any coal mine in the Galilee Basin.

“Twice this morning, the Premier hid behind process and refused to rule out using public funds to support massive new coal mines in the Galilee basin”, said Mr Berkman.

“What’s more, the Premier has previously refused to rule out this spending in her response to a question in Parliament.

“This afternoon I asked the Treasurer about the secret royalties deal with Adani, and her only response was to refer to a media release from May last year.

“It’s shocking to see our State’s leaders refusing to answer questions that are so important to Queenslanders who want action on climate change

“An unbelievable amount of the estimates hearings is allocated to Dorothy Dixers from Government MPs, like we see in question time each sitting week. The rest is spent dodging questions.

“I’m pissed off to see such a waste of everyone’s time, and all Queenslanders should be too.

“This is the only opportunity in the year for members to seek information from Ministers and Departmental staff in this kind of open forum, and I can’t believe how cynical and self-serving the process is.

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